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Summer Special "Pudina Chutney"

I was thinking that when you are going to purchase raw mangoes and pudina for making aam panna then why not try some mango chutney also?

As I have mentioned earlier, raw mangoes and mint leaves are the perfect antidote for the searing heat of North India. They also work wonders for digestive ailments caused by the heat. It is good if you take raw mangoes and mint leaves in different forms with every meal because they will also provide you with iron, vitamin C and antioxidants.

Chutney, especially green chutney is one thing that you will always find on my table. In winter, I make green chutney with coriander leaves and garlic and in summers I make green chutney from mint leaves and raw mangoes. I make many different varieties of chutney but green chutney is my family’s favourite.

Chutneys originated in India around 2500 ago. The word ‘chutney’ is derived from the Hindi word ‘chat’ which means ‘to lick.’ Chutneys are made from fresh ingredients and can be kept in the fridge for some time. Chutneys add taste to food and Kayastha cuisine would not be complete without its unique chutneys.

Prep Time: 5 mins

Making Time: 5 mins

Total Time: 10 mins

Course: Appetizers


1. Mint leaves (pudina): 1 bowl or 1 small bunch

2. Coriander leaves (hara dhaniya)- ½ bowl chopped

3. Green chillies – 5-6 or according to your taste

4. Raw mango 1 small

5. Onion – 1 small

6. Salt – 1 tsp or according to your taste

7. Sugar – ¼th tsp(optional)


1. First collect all the ingredients.

2. Now remove the pudina leaves from the stem. Wash them and keep aside.

3. Now clean the dhaniya patti (coriander leaves) and keep it aside. (In dhaniya, it’s good if you don’t remove the stem as it gives a very nice smell and flavour).

4. Peel raw mangoes and cut into small pieces.

5. Chop onion in a small pieces. Keep aside.

6. Remove the stems from the green chillies.

7. Except onion, put all the ingredients, pudina, dhaniya, raw mangoes, green chillies, salt and sugar in a grinder.

8. Churn it for some time until this will become a paste.

9. Transfer this chutney in a serving bowl and add chopped onion in it.

10. Serve this chutney with every meals.

This is very good for extreme summers.


1. Use only the leaves. Do not use the stems. Addition of stems can give the bitter taste to the chutney.

2. Mint leaves have to be fresh. Fresh mint leaves give a really good aroma and taste in the chutney.

3. To avoid discoloration later, you can add a bit of lemon juice to the chutney. It helps to retain the green color of chutney and also increase the shelf life of the pudina chutney.

4. Always make a smooth paste of chutney. Do not keep it coarse. But consistency of pudina chutney should be medium.

5. You can keep this chutney for 3-4 days in a refrigerator. After that, taste may change.

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