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  1. Falsa/ Phalsa: 250 gm

  2. Sugar: 1 cup, powdered

  3. Pink Salt/ Kala Namak: 1.5 tsp

  4. White salt: 1tsp

  5. Water: 1lit ( or if you want add some more water you can add)

  6. Crushed ice: 1.5 cup

  7. A few mint leaves for garnishing.

How to make Falsa sharbat:

  1. Wash phalsa with enough water in a strainer.

2. Take a blender jar and add the phalsa and 2 glasses of water and churn it slightly,don't make a fine paste else the seeds also grind in it.

3. Now strain it with a fine strainer and collect the juice in a bowl.

4. Now add powdered sugar. mix it well.

5. Add 2 glasses of water, pink salt, white salt and refrigerate the sharbat/ juice for an hour to chill.

6. Now add water in it.

7. Now put some ice in each glass.

7. Pour the phalsa sharbat in the glasses.

7. Garnish with some mint leaves and serve it cold.

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