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Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Moong dal ki mangodi is very popular in the whole of North India i.e., UP, MP, Rajasthan, Bihar and Punjab. But the recipe for making mangodi is different in each State. Here, I am sharing my UP style ‘moong ki dal ki mangodi’ recipe, which is very popular in UP, specially in summers, when you don’t get interesting vegetables in the market.

Earlier people used to make mangodi in their homes, stocking up for the year in winters. Nowadays, people have little time or interest in such things, preferring to buy everything from the market. It is quite another thing that nothing can match the taste of homemade mangodis. Many people feel that making mangodi is difficult and time consuming; earlier it was so when mangodis were made totally by hand, but if you use piping bags making mangodis is quite easy. In fact, you can make mangodis while having your morning cup of tea. Only remember, not to try to make too many mangodis in one go; make mangodis in small batches.

Since making mangodis is a vanishing art, I thought that I will share it in my blog, so that the recipe for making mangodis does not get lost. Also, a long time back one of my followers had asked me for the recipe of moong ki dal ki mangodi.

Please try this recipe and share your comments.

Preparation time: 10 mins

Cooking time: 0 mins

Total time: 10 mins


1. Take a bowl of moong dal.

2. Wash, clean, and soak moong dal overnight.

3. Now drain all water from the dal. Put this dal in a grinder.

4. Grind the moong dal to a smooth paste, without using any water.

5. Put the moong dal paste in a bowl.

6. Beat the batter with your palm to make it very light and fluffy .

7. To check that batter is ready, take some water in a bowl and put a drop of batter in it. If this drop comes up and floats on top of the water then you would know that the batter has been beaten properly. If the drop does not come up then the batter requires more beating.

8. Now, add a little salt and mix properly. Batter is now ready for making mangodis.

9. Take a thali and put some oil on the thali. Keep aside.

10. Apply some oil inside the piping bag.

12. Put this piping bag on the glass and put the mixture in the piping bag, so that you can fill the piping bag easily.

13. Now press the piping bag downwards with your fingers, so that batter come towards the nozzle.

14. Push out small dots of batter on the greased thali.

13. Keep the thali in the sun for two days for the mangodis to dry out completely.

14. After one or two days, push the mangodis with your fingers. If mangodis get detached from the thali easily, then the mangodis are dry.

15. Remove all mangodis from the thali. Keep these mangodis one more day in the sun.

16. Store moong dal mangodis in an airtight container.

17. You can use mangodis in different dishes like mangodi ki sabzi, mangodi pulao(you can see this recipe in my blog), meethi mangodi etc.


1. If you don’t have a piping bag/icing bag take any plastic bag and put dal in the bag and make a cone. Cut a small hole on the tip. Use it like a piping bag.

2. In earlier days ladies used to make mangodi by their hands. To try this traditional recipe, wet your hands with water. Take some batter in your hand. Put small drops of batter on the plate.

Then, follow (12) to (16) above. This method requires practice and is also time consuming

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