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Lal Mirch ka Bharwan Archaar (Stuffed Red Chilli Pickle)

Lal Mirch ka archaar is very popular in North India. My family loves this archaar very much. I feel tempted to make Lal Mirch ka Archaar whenever I see beautiful bright red coloured chillies during winter in the market. Although I loved this archaar since my childhood, I didn’t know how to make it.

Once my husband’s aunt who was a cooking expert, came to visit us in our place, I asked her the recipe of Lal Mirch ka Archaar. She happily taught me, sharing each and every secret of this archaar. From that season onwards, I started making it regularly not only for myself but for my family and friends also. This is a winter-time recipe. Lal Mirch ka archaar tastes best when it is fresh, which means within 2 to 3 months of making the archaar. But you can keep it till the next season and enjoy it with paranthas, pulav, khichadi etc.

Prep Time: 1 hour

Cooking Time: 20 to 30 minutes

Total Time: 1hr 30 minutes


  1. Red chillies – 1kg

  2. Methi seeds (Fenugreek seeds) - 75gm

  3. Rai (Mustard seeds) – 100 gm

  4. Saunf (Fennel Seeds) - 100gm

  5. Aamchoor (Mango powder)- 200gm

  6. Salt - (200gm)

  7. Red chilli powder - 50gm

  8. Tartaric Acid (Tatri) – 20gm

  9. Garam masala powder - 30gm

  10. Hing – 5gm

  11. Mustard oil – 1kg


Getting the chillies ready:

1. Wash fresh red chillies well and spread it on a dry clean cloth until it is dried.

2. Clean the chillies with a dry cloth.

3. First, remove the stem from the chillies and then cut each chilli from the centre into 2 pieces.

4. Take a peeler and scoop out all the seeds from the chillies. Keep the chillies aside. You can throw the seeds away if you don’t wish to use it elsewhere.

Making the masala:

1. Take the mustard seeds in a pan and roast on a low flame until they turn golden brown.

2. Repeat this procedure with fennel seeds and fenugreek seeds separately.

3. After all seeds cool down, grind them separately in a dry grinder to make a fine powder.

4. Add all the other ingredients to powdered mixture (mustard seeds, fennel seeds and fenugreek seeds) except mustard oil and mix them well.

5. Now add ½ bowl (approximately) mustard oil. Mix the masala again.

Making the bharwan lal mirch ka archaar:

1. Take a cut red chilli. Fill masala in the chilli with your finger or spoon. You will fill much better if you use your finger. Keep the filled chillies aside.

2. Now take a clean, dry glass jar and mustard oil in a bowl.

3. Take one stuffed chilli, dip it in mustard oil and place it in the jar.

4. After you have put all chillies in the jar, pour 1 small bowl of oil on top of the chillies. Close the lid. There is no need to fill the jar with oil. Also, there is no need keep this archaar in sun light.

5. After 3 to 4 days, you can start eating this archaar with stuffed paranthas, pulav, etc.


  1. Wash the chillies and wipe them dry. Keep them for 1 hour before using because chillies have a lot of moisture.

  2. The plates and bowl which you use should be dry with no moisture.

  3. The container in which you are storing the pickle should be washed, dried and placed under sun so there is absolutely no moisture.

  4. You can store the pickle for 2 to 3 months at room temperature.

  5. If you want to store the pickle for a longer time then submerge the pickle in mustard oil.

  6. Use a dry spoon while handling the pickle.

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