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Besan ki Kadhi

I am posting the recipe of Besan Kadhi at the request of Mr. Pravin Saxena, one of the followers of my blog. As you have seen Besan Kadhi is very easy to make. My talented Mom used to prepare the tastiest Kadhi that I ever had. I learnt to make Kadhi from her but I cannot make it exactly like her. I love the hot and sour taste of Kadhi to distraction. Generally, I make little extra kadhi which I have next day. Kadhi tastes awesome next day with fresh tadka.

Besan Kadhi is popular all-over North India. Other regions have their own versions of Kadhi - Sindhi kadhi, Gujarati kadhi and Punjabi Kadhi - to name a few. Usually, people have Kadhi with rice or lunch but you can have it with wheat chapati also.

PREP TIME: 20 minutes

COOKING TIME: 25 minutes

TOTAL TIME: 45 minutes

COURSE: Main Course

SERVES: 4 persons


Ingredients for Pakori and Kadhi:

  1. Besan - ½ cup (keep 2 tablespoon besan for kadhi)

  2. Curd – ½ cup

  3. Chilli powder – ¼ tsp

  4. Turmeric – ½ tsp

  5. Salt to taste

  6. Water, as required

  7. Oil – for frying

  8. Sodium bicarbonate (optional) - 1 pinch

Ingredients for tadka:

  1. Ghee/oil – 2 tbsp

  2. Cumin seeds – ½ tsp

  3. Methi seeds – ¼ tsp

  4. Rai – ¼ tsp

  5. Asafoetida – ½ tsp

  6. Red chilli whole – 2,3

How to make pakoras:

1. Take ¾ cup besan in a bowl. (Keep 2 table spoons separate – to be used later for kadhi.)

2. Now, add salt and water to make a thick paste for pakoras.

3. Beat this paste nicely. Add sodium bicarbonate, if you don’t have time to beat the mixture.

4. Heat oil in a kadhai, drop a teaspoon of the batter in hot oil. Let it set and then drop more batter by spoonfuls, one after another. Fry by keeping the heat on high and then low till the pakoras are golden brown. Fry the entire batter in this way.

5. Remove the pakoras from the oil. Keep aside.

How to make kadhi:

1. For making kadhi, take curd and 2 tbsp besan and whisk it to make a lump free batter. Add water as required to make the batter of flowing consistency.

2. Now, we will make tadka. Take a pan. Add ghee and heat it. Put zeera, rai, meethi seeds, asafeodita, and whole red chillies in the ghee to make tadka.

3. When the tadka starts spluttering, add besan and curd mixture, turmeric and red chilli powder to it. Keep stirring so that the mixture does not curdle and does not stick to the bottom.

4. Keep stirring till the solution begins to boil. Now add salt. Lower the heat. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes.

5. Never add salt at the initial stage, otherwise the mixture will curdle.

6. Put off the flame. The kadhi is now almost ready. Add the fried pakoras to this kadhi. Boil kadhi for 5-7 more minutes. Stir well so that the pakoras get soaked in the kadhi.

7. Put the tadka on top of kadhi.

6. Now Besan Kadhi is ready to be served. Kadi goes well with wheat chapatti or rice both.


  1. Beat the besan paste nicely for pakodas. Otherwise pakodas will become hard from inside.

  2. Always add salt in the kahdi at the end. Otherwise there is quite a lot chances that khadhi may curdle

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