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PREP TIME: 15 minutes

COOKING TIME: 15 minutes

TOTAL TIME: 30 minutes

SERVES: 4 persons


1. Bhindi - 250 gm

2. Turmeric powder: 1 tsp

3. Red chilli powder: 1 tsp

4. Coriander powder: 2 tsp

5. Mango powder-1 tsp

6. Saunf (fennel seeds)- 1tsp

7. Garlic : 7-8 cloves crushed (optional)

8. Salt to taste

9. Mustard oil -2 tbsp


1. Wash the bhindis and let them dry. Place the washed bhindis on a clean cloth. Pat the bhindis dry. Remove crown and tail of the bhindi.

2. Make a slit in each bhindi lengthwise, without cutting through the entire length. They should still be joined at one end. Do this with every bhindi and then set them aside.

3. Take crushed garlic, coriander powder, turmeric, dried mango powder (amchur), red chili powder, garam masala, saunf powder, salt in a bowl.

4. Mix all the spices together with a spoon. Then, add 2 teaspoons of oil to the spices, mix well. The stuffing for the bhindi is ready.

5. Take bhindis one by one and stuff each bhindi with the prepared masala. Make sure to stuff them well with a generous amount of masala. Set them aside.

6. Heat 2 table spoons of mustard oil in a kadhai (wok) on medium heat. Place the stuffed bhindis in a single layer in the pan. After 2 minutes, lower the heat. Don’t cover the kadhai. Bhindis always cook well in an open pan.

7. After 2 minutes, carefully flip each bhindi. Keep tossing the bhindis after every 2-3 minutes or so, until they are tender and done. This will take around 10-15 minutes on low heat.

8. Serve bharwan bhindi hot with roti or paratha. If you like extra tang, squeeze some lemon juice on top of the bhindis before serving.

9. Garnish with chopped coriander.


If you have aam ka achar (UP style), take a spoon of aam ka achar ka masala and add this masala into the masala mix. Now, add 2 tsp of aam ka achar ka mustard oil to it. Use this filling for stuffing the bhindis. Thereafter, follow the recipe of bharwan bhindi. You will find this variation very delicious.


1. There should be no trace of water on the bhindis. Dry them with a kitchen napkin. The bhindis will become slimy if there is water or even water droplets on them.

2. Never cover the bhindis. If you cover the bindis, they will become sticky, which doesn’t feel nice when you eat them.

3. You can always add more salt or any spice even later, if you feel that it is insufficient.

4. For a more tangy and sour taste in the dish, increase the quantity of dry mango powder by ¼ to ½ tbsp or even more. Alternatively, you can sprinkle chat masala on the bhindis.

5. Now a days I am using lohe ki kadhai( iron wok). Firstly, its a good source of iron. Secondly, like a non-stick wok, an iron wok uses very little oil. Food never sticks in a lohe ki kadhai.

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